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Trade union is permanent, continuous and democratic organization run by workers :

  • To defend themselves at work.
  • To improve their work conditions through negotiations.
  • To express their point of view on problems facing workers.

Why do we need the Trade Union ?

The trade union provides many advantages and rights to their members. It can protect worker from lay-off and unjust warning and behavior.

What are the principles of the Trade Union?

The union’s aim is to maintain the principles and essential values in all different circumstances.

  • Ensures solidarity amongst all local and International worker
  • Maintains the union unit and protect the workers interests.
  • Rejects racial, sexual and sectarian discrimination.
  • Defends the worker and promote freedom.
  • Supports all fair and just issues.

The Main Objective of Trade Union:

  • Ensure fair wages.
  • Improve the work condition socially and economically as well as working time and training.
  • Protect workers from lay-off.
  • Increase transport and social allowance.
  • Promote a relationship between the workers, union and the company
  • Facilitate the communication between the union and the company.
  • Aware the workers to their rights.
  • Adopt individual and collective issues and defend them.

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